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I would like to introduce you to Ohio and West Virginia's MOST POWERFUL source of advertising, The Ad Taker. It is a
FREE bi-weekly publication with a circulation of 9,500 throughout 6 counties, allowing your advertisement to reach over 23,750 consumers! We offer extensive market coverage in Jackson, Gallia and Meigs Counties in Ohio, and Mason County West Virginia along with limited market coverage in Athens County Ohio and Jackson County West Virginia. The Ad Taker is FREE to the public, offers FREE personal (non business) classified ads, and is racked in over 300 high traffic locations throughout the 6 counties mentioned earlier.

The Ad Taker has gained wide acceptance as the preferred advertising medium for private advertisers and businesses alike, boasting a reputation as the most successful way to buy or sell. Aided by declining readership of daily newspapers, our
affordable rates, and a highly successful and innovative format, The Ad Taker has evolved into a DYNAMIC publication
generating enthusiasm throughout Ohio & West Virginia! Our major competitors are weakened by a life expectancy of less
than a day. The Ad Taker's bi-weekly publication benefits from longer exposure to your target market, and a high profile as the medium for bringing buyers and sellers together. Awareness of The Ad Taker is extremely high and continues to grow strongly in all areas.

If you like the idea of finding the most effective way of reaching this market, and also want the most efficient way to spend your advertising dollars, we can help. We at the The Ad Taker are ready, willing and able to help your business grow! We can help you get the results you wish to achieve with your advertising by connecting you to an entire region of consumers interested in the services and/or products your business offers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us anytime at 740-441-9684 (office)

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